StFX Accolades

X-Women & X-Men Team Awards

A history of the awards handed out yearly to each X-Women and X-Men team can be found on each team's homepage, under the Awards section, or by clicking on the following links:

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X-Women Basketball X-Men Basketball
X-Women Cross Country X-Men Cross Country
X-Women Hockey X-Men Hockey
X-Women Rugby X-Men Football
X-Women Soccer X-Men Soccer
X-Women Track & Field X-Men Track & Field

StFX Student-Athletes of the Year

The Male and Female Student-Athlete of the Year awards are presented annually to a ‘bona-fide’ male student-athlete and a female student-athlete of StFX University. The purpose of the awards shall be to encourage athletic and intellectual ability and to develop character and leadership among the student-athletes of StFX University. CLICK HERE for a complete history on past Student-Athlete of the Year winners.

StFX Community X-Cellence Awards

The StFX Community X-Cellence Awards were established in 2006, and are major awards presented to a StFX male and female student-athlete in recognition of their outstanding community initiative and involvement, volunteer experience and extra curricular contributions outside of their varsity and academic experiences.

Year Sport Female CXA Sport Male CXA
2017 Hockey Connor Garagan Hockey Eric Locke
      Track & Field Ryan Washburn
2016 Basketball Kayla MacIntyre Hockey Nathan Chiarlitti
  Cross Country Leah Gouthro    
2015 Basketball Melissa Gottschall Basketball Shane Coupland
      Hockey Rob Slaney
2014 Cross Country Melissa Hardy Football Demetrius Ferguson
2013 Hockey Katie Greenway Hockey Murdock MacLelllan
  Volleyball Catherine Thornton    
2012 Rugby Jamee George Soccer Miroslav Novak
      Cross Country Zach MacDonald
2011 Basketball Tory Anderson Soccer Kieran Gilfoy
2010 Soccer Amy MacKinnon Football Kwame Osei
2009 Soccer Allie Anderson Hockey Sean Flinn
2008 X-Country/Track Sarah Skotty Football Rory Campbell
2007 Hockey Sarah Foley Hockey Mike Smith
2006 X-Country/Track Erin MacLean Football Ray Nattress 

StFX X-Ceptional Award

The StFX Athletics X-Ceptional Award was established in 2006 and is given in recognition of an individual who goes above and beyond their volunteer responsibilities and contributes in a positive manner to StFX Athletics.
Year Recipient
2017   Michel Richard/Cliff Vacheresse
2016 Karen Gardiner
2015 Tommy MacDonald
2014 Dr. Sean Riley
2013 Fr Stanley MacDonald/Mary Lillian MacDonald
2012 Gail MacDougall
2011 Krista McKenna
2010 Wayne Carter
2009 Dr. David Cudmore
2008 John Hagar
2007 Neil Foshay
2006 Tara Sutherland/Kurt Stevenson  

StFX Coach of the Year

The StFX Coach of the Year Award was established in 2013 and is given in recognition of a StFX head coach who has made a significant impact over the course of the year. 
2017 Gary Waterman, Football
2016 Brad Peddle, M Hockey
2015 Mike Cavanagh, W Rugby
2014 Bernie Chisholm, Cross Country
2013 Mike Cavanagh, W Rugby