Getting to Know...Catherine Thompson

Getting to Know...Catherine Thompson

X-Women cross country runner Catherine Thompson is the latest athlete featured in our Getting to Know your X-Women and X-Men series throughout the summer. Catherine is a third year Aquatics Resources student from Blenheim, Ont.

If I could be StFX President for a day I would?
Build an indoor track 

A unique talent or skill I have is?
I have the voice of an angel

When I am not studying or playing my sport, in my spare time I like to?
Spend time with friends and family

If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, it would be with?
Mark McMorris

My biggest pet peeve is?
Slow walkers

My dream job is?

If I could compete in any other sport at StFX it would be?

If I could come out at the start of a game to an entrance song, it would be?
All I Do Is Win by DJ Khalid

Something interesting about my hometown is?
It's the cherry capital of Canada!

My favorite moment to date as a StFX student-athlete is?
Competing at CIS in Guelph in my first year at StFX

FAVORITE class:  Any AQUA course
FAVORITE place to study:  Xavier Hall
FAVORITE food:  Bananas and peanut butter
FAVORITE summer activity:  Swimming
FAVORITE animated movie:  Emperor's New Groove
FAVORITE social media platform:  Instagram
FAVORITE TV show:  Parks and Recreation
FAVORITE item of clothing:  Running shoes
FAVORITE mobile app:  Snapchat
FAVORITE pro sports team:  Toronto Raptors
FAVORITE pro sports athlete:  Tessa & Scott