Getting to Know...Zoe Johnston

Getting to Know...Zoe Johnston

X-Women cross country runner Zoe Johnston is the latest athlete featured in our Getting to Know your X-Women and X-Men series throughout the summer. Zoe is a fourth year Human Kinetics student (3rd year eligibility) from Pembroke, Ont.

If I could be StFX President for a day I would?
Schedule a full fall "study break"

A unique talent or skill I have is?
I can't dance...but I can step dance, both dancing but very much different

When I am not studying or playing my sport, in my spare time I like to?
FaceTime my family

If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, it would be with?
Taylor Swift

My biggest pet peeve is?
Slow walkers

My dream job is?
Elementary school teacher in Europe

If I could compete in any other sport at StFX it would be?
Soccer, if I only knew how to run and kick a ball at the same time

If I could come out at the start of a game to an entrance song, it would be?
Fight song by Rachel Platten (this one goes out to you Bernie)

Something interesting about my hometown is?
Pembroke is known as the Hockey Town in Canada

My favorite moment to date as a StFX student-athlete is?
AUS on our home course two years ago in the pouring rain. It was a pure guts race.

FAVORITE class:  Personal Health (@Angie Kolen)
FAVORITE place to study:  3rd floor of the library by the big windows
FAVORITE food:  Steak or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
FAVORITE summer activity:  Running no matter what the season is
FAVORITE animated movie:  Beauty and the Beast
FAVORITE social media platform:  Instagram
FAVORITE TV show:  Greys Anatomy, only because of McDreamy
FAVORITE item of clothing:  Running shoes, you can never have enough!
FAVORITE mobile app:  Strava, only runners will understand
FAVORITE pro sports team:  Toronto Maple Leafs
FAVORITE pro sports athlete:  Eric Gillis