X-Women hockey memorabilia heading to Hockey Hall of Fame

Photo courtesy Bryan Kennedy
Photo courtesy Bryan Kennedy

ANTIGONISH, NS ­– A pair of StFX hockey jerseys and game-used sticks are heading to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Daley Oddy's navy jersey and Sarah Bujold's white jersey, along with recently used hockey sticks by the duo are being added to the overall collection at the Hall, and will be preserved and organized within the U SPORTS women's hockey collection.

"This is a major accomplishment for Daley Oddy and Sarah Bujold to have their jerseys and sticks enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame," notes X-Women head coach Ben Berthiaume. "It is also a very proud moment for the X-Women hockey program and StFX Athletics to have back-to-back winners of the national Brodrick Trophy."

The request from the Hockey Hall of Fame initially came following the 2016-17 season after X-Women forward Sarah Bujold received the Brodrick Trophy for the U SPORTS player of the year, though StFX deferred sending her jersey until she closed out the 2017-18 season. With teammate Daley Oddy winning the same national award this year it made for a unique circumstance to have athletes from the same team win the most prestigious individual award in consecutive seasons. Hence, both jerseys will be preserved in the collection, along with game-used sticks from the recent U SPORTS championship.

Craig Campbell, the Manager of the Resource Centre & Archives for the Hockey Hall of Fame relayed that "Oddy's sweater and stick would be initially displayed in our North American Year in Review showcase. That switch over from the 2016-17 season to the 2017-18 season will happen in the summer as we focus on the Brodrick Trophy for this season. Bujold's sweater and both sticks could be put on display in the U SPORTS showcase. We appreciate the support of StFX Athletics of the HHOF and our desire to preserve the history of U SPORTS hockey."