National Championship History

National Championship History

The StFX X-Men won the national College Bowl championship title on one occasion in 1966. Led by legendary head coach Don Loney, the 1966 X-Men football team was one of the greatest on the gridiron, capturing not only the Maritime Intercollegiate championship but also the 1966 national College Bowl Championship, the predecessor to the Vanier Cup. The X-Men defeated Waterloo Lutheran 40-14 at Varsity Stadium in Toronto in the title game.

The outstanding athletes included: Paul Smith, Neil MacDonald, Bryce Bell, Ted Goodwin, Paul Schonhart, Bernie MacLean, Jim Benton, Burns MacPherson, Stan Butkus, Mike Dorey, Jon Purcell, Carl Morgan, Terry Ryan, John Keaveney, Terry Arnason, Peter Sare, Billy Pike, Peter Montague, Gary Gosling, Terry Gorman, Taso Meere, Terry Dolan, Dick Pandolfo, Mike MacDonald, Bob Charette, Bill Kelly, Jim Shea, Paul Brule, Bill Morris, Gary Yabsley, Skip Corrigan, John Burke, Grover Coffin, Walter Strapps, Bill Reboly, John Gorman, Allen Gillis and Mike Stoneham. The coaches were Don Loney, John ‘Packy’ McFarland, Phil Hughes and Geno Scattalone. Staff included John Pike, Randy Scott and Helmut Stoeckel.

The 1966 victory remains the only national title to StFX’s credit. They also appeared in the 1996 Vanier Cup game in Toronto but lost to Saskatchewan 31-12.

Since the inception of the U SPORTS (formerly CIS and CIAU) semifinal Bowl games in 1967, the X-Men have appeared in seven games with a 1-6 record.  

2018 (away at PEPS Stadium, Laval, QC):  63-0 loss vs Laval (Uteck Bowl)
2016 (away at McMahon Stadium, Calgary, AB):  50-24 loss vs Calgary (Mitchell Bowl)
2015 (home at Oland Stadium, Antigonish, NS):  36-9 loss vs UBC (Uteck Bowl)
1996 (home at Huskies Stadium, Halifax):  13-5 win vs Ottawa (Atlantic Bowl)
1982 (home at Huskies Stadium, Halifax):  54-1 loss vs UBC (Atlantic Bowl)
1978 (home at Huskies Stadium, Halifax):  32-10 loss vs Queen’s (Atlantic Bowl)
1967 (home at Wanderers Grounds, Halifax):  7-0 loss vs McMaster (Atlantic Bowl)

The X-Men have won the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) championship 14 times, with their most recent AUS championship victory coming in 2018. A complete history of AUS champions can be found by CLICKING HERE.