Rogers TV, Cable 13 to broadcast 11th annual East West Bowl

Rogers TV, Cable 13 to broadcast 11th annual East West Bowl

LONDON, Ont. (CIS) – The 11th annual East West Bowl, presented by Under Armour, will be televised on Rogers TV, Cable 13 and streamed on live from TD Waterhouse Stadium in London, Ont., on Saturday.  

Official website (including ticket info):

The prospects game, which features over 80 CIS football players who will be eligible for the 2014 CFL Canadian draft, is set to kick off at 1 p.m. on the campus of Western University.

The East team is comprised of student-athletes representing schools from the Atlantic and Quebec conferences, as well as Queen’s, Ottawa and Toronto. The West squad is made up of players from Canada West and the remaining OUA universities.

“We’re proud of our continuing partnership with Western University and excited to bring coverage of this premier football game to our Rogers TV viewers,” says Bob Smith, Rogers TV Station Manager. “It provides an opportunity for viewers to see the talent of these outstanding CIS athletes.”

The Rogers TV, Cable 13 feed will be streamed live on for fans outside of London.

Head coaches Glen Constantin from Laval and Stefan Ptaszek from McMaster also unveiled their coaching staffs on Monday.

Assisting Constantin on the East sidelines will be Jeff Cummins (Acadia), Peter Fraser (Acadia), Chris Judd (Acadia), Shad McLachlan (Acadia), Kevin Mackey (Bishop’s), Corey Sly (Bishop’s), Brad Collinson (Laval), Clint Uttley (McGill), Pat Boies (McGill), Ronald Hilaire (Montreal), Fabrice Raymond (Montreal), Kelly Jeffrey (Mount Allison), David Lessard (Sherbrooke), Guillaume Boucher (Sherbrooke), Dean Jones (Saint Mary’s), Gary Waterman (StFX), Josh Lambert (StFX), Tom Flaxman (Toronto) and Ken Mazurek (Toronto).

On the West side, Ptaszek’s staff is comprised of Chris Morris (Alberta), Sam Grewcock (Alberta), Blake Nill (Calgary), Todd Galloway (Guelph), Michael Faulds (Laurier), Dwayne Cameron (Laurier), Irv Daymond (Laurier), Brian Dobie (Manitoba), Brian Brock (McMaster), Pat Sheahan (Queen’s), Pat Tracey (Queen’s), Sheldon Neald (Regina), Brian Towriss (Saskatchewan), Jason Sulz (Saskatchewan), Shawn Olson (UBC), Joe Paopao (Waterloo), Marshall Bingeman (Waterloo), Matt Robichaud (Western), Joe D’Amore (Windsor), Donnavan Carter (Windsor), Steve Snyder (Windsor), Warren Craney (York), Mike Comeau (York) and Harry Laflamme (York).

East West Bowl Week officially gets under way on Tuesday and includes daily practices, the Under Armour Combine for participating players (May 7), the Free Agent Combine for players eligible to attend 2013 CFL training camps and not participating in the East West Bowl (May 8), a coaches clinic featuring presentations by 10 CFL coaches and two CIS mentors (May 10-11) and the annual Friday night banquet (May 10), all leading up to Saturday’s game.  

The 10 CFL coaches who will be in attendance are Dan Dorazio of British Columbia, Brent Monson of Calgary, Greg Marshall of Edmonton, Ryan Dinwiddie of Montreal, Cory McDiarmid of Saskatchewan, Eddie Brown of Toronto, Kyle Walters of Winnipeg, as well as the Hamilton trio of Corey Grant, Dennis McPhee and Jeff Reinbold.


Monday, May 6
Arrival day & meetings

Tuesday, May 7
9:00-12:00 (BMO Centre): Under Armour Combine (participating players)
15:30-17:30 (TDW Stadium): Practice

Wednesday, May 8
9:30-11:30 (TDW Stadium): Practice
15:30-17:30 (TDW Stadium): Practice
16:00-20:00 (TDW Stadium): CFL Free Agent Combine (non-participating players)

Thursday, May 9
9:30-11:30 (TDW Stadium): Practice
15:30-17:30 (TDW Stadium): Practice

Friday, May 10
9:30-11:30 (TDW Stadium): Practice
12:00-22:00 (TDW Stadium): Coaches Clinic
14:00-15:00 (TDW Stadium): East Walk-Through
15:00-16:00 (TDW Stadium): West Walk-Through
18:30 (Perth Hall – Western University): Banquet

Saturday, May 11
8:00-16:30 (TDW Stadium): Coaches Clinic (including game)
13:00 (TDW Stadium): East West Bowl


2012 (at Western): East 24, West 16
2011 (at Western): East 34, West 27 (OT)
2010 (at Western): East 12, West 9
2009 (at Western): West 16, East 7
2008 (at McMaster): East 25, West 12
2007 (at Laval): West 22, East 19 (OT)
2006 (at Laval): West 34, East 26 (OT)
2005 (at Laurier): West 34, East 16
2004 (at Laurier): West 21, East 12
2003 (at Laurier): West 10, East 5

2013 EAST WEST BOWL ROSTERS (announced April 3)


Pos.     Name                                       University       HT       WT      Hometown


QB       Billy McPhee                           Queen’s           6-3       195      Burlington, Ont.
QB       Ben Rossong                            Saint Mary’s    6-3       210      Sackville, N.S.
RB       Sean Murphy                           McGill             5-10     199      Ottawa, Ont.   
RB       Pascal Lochard                        Laval               6-0       215      Montreal, Que.
RB       Jordan Botel                            Mt. Allison       5-10     195      Prince George, B.C.
RB       Jean-Christophe Beaulieu        Sherbrooke      6-3       220      Trois-Rivières, Que.
RB       Zack Clarke                             Acadia             5-10     190      Sackville, N.S.
REC     Francis Lapointe                      Sherbrooke      5-11     170      Mt. Tremblant, Que.
REC     Jordan Catterall                        StFX                5-10     163      Oakville, Ont.
REC     Devon Bailey                           StFX                6-5       202      Mississauga, Ont.
REC     Alex Pierzchalski                     Toronto            6-5       216      London, Ont.
REC     Adam Thibault                         Laval               6-0       205      Quebec City, Que.
REC     Josh Blanchard                        Mt. Allison       5-10     175      Oromocto, N.B.
REC     Kristopher Bastien                   Concordia        6-3       211      St. Lambert, Que.
REC     Alexander Fox                         Bishop’s          5-9       190      Montreal West, Que.
REC     Nathan Heather                        Bishop’s          6-1       190      Oromocto, N.B.
OL       Pierre Lavertu                          Laval               6-3       289      Quebec City, Que.
OL       Terry Hart                                StFX                6-3       295      Barrie, Ont.
OL       Adam Valchuck                       Ottawa             6-4       281      Stoney Creek, Ont.
OL       Laurent Duvernay-Tardif         McGill             6-5       280      St. Hilaire, Que.
OL       David Foucault                        Montreal          6-7       305      LaSalle, Que.
OL       Aaron Wheaton                       Toronto            6-5       290      Ajax, Ont.
OL       Karl Monjoie                           Laval               6-1       295      Montreal, Que.

DL       Derek Wiggan                          Queen’s           6-1       247      Toronto, Ont.
DL       Jean-Christophe Gagnon          Sherbrooke      6-2       260      Trois-Rivières, Que.
DL       Nigel Romick                           Saint Mary’s    6-5       240      Thunder Bay, Ont.
DL       Mathieu Girard                        Montreal          6-4       275      Laval, Que.
DL       Quinn Smith                            Concordia        6-1       321      Scarborough, Ont.
DL       Quinn Everett                          Mt. Allison       6-3       305      Glen Haven, N.S.
DL       Kirby Fletcher                          Acadia             6-3       300      Grimshaw, Alta.
DL       Martin Pesek                            Acadia             6-3       250      Toronto, Ont.
LB       Sam Sabourin                          Queen’s           6-1       223      Stittsville, Ont.
LB       Pier-Yves Lavergne                 Ottawa             6-0       210      Gatineau, Que.
LB       Jesse Briggs                             McGill             6-1       222      Kelowna, B.C.
LB       Max Caron                               Concordia        6-2       232      Kingston, Ont.
LB       Adrian Clarke                          Bishop’s          6-3       235      Mississauga, Ont.
LB       Christopher Johnson                Toronto            5-10     215      Scarborough, Ont.
DB       Andrew Lue                             Queen’s           6-2       205      Markham, Ont.
DB       Eric Black                                Saint Mary’s    6-2       175      Toronto, Ont.
DB       RJ Cornish                               Saint Mary’s    5-11     185      Winnipeg, Man.
DB       Randy Williams                       Ottawa             5-11     175      Ottawa, Ont.
DB       Antoine Pruneau                      Montreal          6-1       190      Montreal, Que.
DB       Trevor Harvey                         Toronto            5-9       175      Toronto, Ont.
DB       Charlton Elliott                        StFX                6-0       185      Pickering, Ont.
DB       Christopher Lavaud                 Laval               5-9       175      Montreal, Que.

Special Teams

K/P      TBA

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Glen Constantin, Laval

Assistant coaches: Jeff Cummins (Acadia), Peter Fraser (Acadia), Chris Judd (Acadia), Shad McLachlan (Acadia), Kevin Mackey (Bishop’s), Corey Sly (Bishop’s), Brad Collinson (Laval), Clint Uttley (McGill), Pat Boies (McGill), Ronald Hilaire (Montreal), Fabrice Raymond (Montreal), Kelly Jeffrey (Mount Allison), David Lessard (Sherbrooke), Guillaume Boucher (Sherbrooke), Dean Jones (Saint Mary’s), Gary Waterman (StFX), Josh Lambert (StFX), Tom Flaxman (Toronto), Ken Mazurek (Toronto).

Pos.     Name                                       University       HT       WT      Hometown


QB       Marshall Ferguson                   McMaster         6-2       200      Kingston, Ont.
QB       Austin Kennedy                       Windsor           5-10     205      Windsor, Ont.
RB       Anthony Coombs                    Manitoba         5-9       190      Winnipeg, Man
RB       Tyrrel Wilson                           Laurier             5-11     185      Hamilton, Ont.
RB       Rob Farquharson                     Guelph             5-9       210      Niagara Falls, Ont.
RB       Zack Davis                              York                6-1       240      Niagara Falls, Ont.
RB       Brandon Deschamps                UBC                6-0       195      Prince George, B.C.
REC     Brian Marshall                         Western           6-0       200      London, Ont.
REC     Andrew Smith                          Manitoba         6-2       200      Nanaimo, B.C.
REC     Evan Pszczonak                       Windsor           6-0       160      Amherstburg, Ont.
REC     Kit Hillis                                  Saskatchewan  5-9       175      Saskatoon, Sask.
REC     Landon Buch                           Regina             6-0       200      Regina, Sask.
REC     Jay Smith                                 Regina             6-0       200      Regina, Sask.
REC     Paul Cecile                               Waterloo          5-11     185      Azilda, Ont.
OL       Branden Stevens                      Calgary            6-2       290      Winnipeg, Man.
OL       Michael Massel                        Laurier             6-5       260      London, Ont.
OL       Jeremy Deneau                        Laurier             6-5       260      Amherstburg, Ont.
OL       Lane Bryksa                            Saskatchewan  6-2       265      Saskatoon, Sask.
OL       Ethan Schnell                           UBC                6-5       275      Kamloops, B.C.
OL       Aaron Picton                            Regina             6-3       280      Regina, Sask.


DL       Dylan Ainsworth                     Western           6-3       225      Delta, B.C.
DL       Evan Gill                                 Manitoba         6-4       275      Winnipeg, Man.
DL       Steven Giang                           Alberta             6-1       280      Edmonton, Alta.
DL       Stephon Miller                         Windsor           6-3       235      Pickering, Ont.
DL       Jeff Finley                               Guelph             6-3       260      St. Catharines, Ont.
DL       Adam Dickson                         McMaster         6-4       325      Niagara Falls, Ont.
LB       Beau Landry                            Western           5-11     201      Kitchener, Ont.
LB       Cory Roboch                           Calgary            6-1       220      Calgary, Alta.
LB       Richard Zacharias                    Saskatchewan  5-10     227      Hague, Sask.
LB       Vivie Bojilov                           UBC                5-11     210      New Westminster, B.C.
LB       James Tuck                              York                6-1       220      Aurora, Ont.
LB       John Rush                                Guelph             6-1       223      Niagara Falls, Ont.
DB       Steven Ventresca                     McMaster         6-0       184      Hamilton, Ont.
DB       Allan Dicks                              McMaster         5-9       185      Abbotsford, B.C.
DB       Adam Ballingall                       Calgary            6-2       185      Kamloops, B.C.
DB       Josh MacDougall                     Alberta             6-0       200      Oakville, Ont.
DB       Josh Burns                               Windsor           6-1       170      LaSalle, Ont.
DB       Christian Mahler                      Waterloo          5-11     175      Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
DB       Curtis Good                             Waterloo          6-1       185      Kitchener, Ont.
DB       Simon Bahru                            Western           6-1       194      London, Ont.

Special Teams

K/P      Tyler Crapigna                         McMaster         5-7       164      Nepean, Ont.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Stefan Ptaszek, McMaster

Assistant coaches: Chris Morris (Alberta), Sam Grewcock (Alberta), Blake Nill (Calgary), Todd Galloway (Guelph), Michael Faulds (Laurier), Dwayne Cameron (Laurier), Irv Daymond (Laurier), Brian Dobie (Manitoba), Brian Brock (McMaster), Pat Sheahan (Queen’s), Pat Tracey (Queen’s), Sheldon Neald (Regina), Brian Towriss (Saskatchewan), Jason Sulz (Saskatchewan), Shawn Olson (UBC), Joe Paopao (Waterloo), Marshall Bingeman (Waterloo), Matt Robichaud (Western), Joe D’Amore (Windsor), Donnavan Carter (Windsor), Steve Snyder (Windsor), Warren Craney (York), Mike Comeau (York), Harry Laflamme (York).