StFX Sports Hall of Fame

StFX Sports Hall of Fame

The St. Francis Xavier University Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1976 and exists to honour those individuals who have contributed significantly to StFX sports as athletes, teams, or as builders. Those chosen inductees have exemplified the spirit and ideals of Xaverian athletics in their professional and community lives.

The most recent inductees into the StFX Sports Hall of Fame in 2017 included three athletes:  John ‘Bunny’ Griffin (football), James ‘Jim’ Shea (football), Leanne MacDonald (women’s hockey) and one builder, journalist Gail MacDougall. For more information on the 2017 StFX Sports Hall of Fame inductees, please CLICK HERE.


• To honour outstanding contributions which have enhanced St. Francis Xavier University's image and reputation through sport.
• To preserve, record, and celebrate our rich athletic heritage, traditions, and culture and use it to help pave the way for future success.
• To promote sport, and generate increased interest in a more inclusive Sports Hall of Fame.
• To provide fundraising opportunities for the Department of Athletics at St. Francis Xavier University. 


The athlete's contributions to athletics at St. Francis Xavier University should be the primary criteria for nomination. Secondary factors to be considered include the athlete's achievements in provincial, national, and international competition. Consideration will be given to character, leadership, integrity, and non-athletic service to the University. A minimum ten-year waiting period prior to induction.

The interuniversity performance and contribution of the team should be the primary criteria for nomination. Must have competed with distinction at St. Francis Xavier University. Secondary factors to be considered are non-interuniversity competition and contributions to sport in general. This could include achievements at the national or international level. St. Francis Xavier University's National Championship teams qualify for automatic induction after the minimum wait period. A minimum ten-year waiting period prior to induction.

This includes members of St. Francis Xavier University, such as coaches, administrators, support staff, and alumni that have made a significant contribution or exhibited outstanding leadership that enhanced the Varsity X-Men or X-Women athletic programs. 

Completed nomination forms may be submitted to the Director of Athletics and Recreation. Deadline for submissions will be May 31st of the induction year. The inductees in each of the three categories will be honored at a dinner held in the fall every other year. Selections will be vetted by St. Francis Xavier University prior to any announcement. Nominations forms are available for download by either a pdf version, available by clicking here or Word document by clicking here. Each elected member will receive a certificate of induction and a keepsake award which may be a sketch or photo. The inductees will appear in the StFX Sports Hall of Fame under their specific category along with a sketch/photo and a short biography. 

• Director of Athletics and Recreation - Chair of Committee
• Director of Development
• Alumni Affairs Officer or designate
• Two representatives from StFX Alumni (four year term)
• One representative from the community appointed by StFX President (four year term)



Name Class Induction Class Sport
1948-49 X-Men Basketball full bio 1948-49 X-Men Basketball 1949 2006 Basketball
1950-51 X-Men Hockey Team full bio 1950-51 X-Men Hockey Team 1950-51 2014 hockey
1963 X -Men Football Team full bio 1963 X -Men Football Team 1963 2012 Football
1965-66 X-Men Hockey full bio 1965-66 X-Men Hockey 1966 2006 Hockey
1966-67 X-Men Football full bio 1966-67 X-Men Football 1967 2006 Football
1986 X-Women Soccer full bio 1986 X-Women Soccer 1986 2010 Soccer
1992-92 X-Men Basketball full bio 1992-92 X-Men Basketball 1993 2008 Basketball
1996 X-Men Football full bio 1996 X-Men Football 1996 2016 Football
1999-00 X-Men Basketball Team full bio 1999-00 X-Men Basketball Team 1999-2000 2014 basketball
2000-01 X-Men Basketball Team full bio 2000-01 X-Men Basketball Team 2000-01 2014 basketball
2004 X-Men Hockey full bio 2004 X-Men Hockey 2004 2016 Hockey
Kevin Aver full bio Kevin Aver 1980 1996 Football
Dr. Fabian Bates full bio Dr. Fabian Bates 1921 1980 Hockey, Rugby
Richard Bella full bio Richard Bella 1993 2008 Basketball
Margaret Berthiaume full bio Margaret Berthiaume 1980 2006 Basketball, Field Hockey
Lou Bilek full bio Lou Bilek   2012 Soccer, Volleyball
Paul Brule full bio Paul Brule 1968 1988 Football
Joe "Beef" Cameron full bio Joe "Beef" Cameron 1931 1976 Basketball, Boxing, Rugby, Track & Field
Charles Campbell full bio Charles Campbell 1947 1982 Hockey, Rugby
Dr. Ajax Campbell full bio Dr. Ajax Campbell 1920 1976 Boxing, Hockey, Rugby, Track & Field
Lavinia Carreau (nee Gough) full bio Lavinia Carreau (nee Gough) 2001 2016 Cross Country
Ed Carty full bio Ed Carty   2006 Builder, Rugby
Mike Cavanagh full bio Mike Cavanagh 2013 2016 Rugby
Bernie Chisholm full bio Bernie Chisholm 1973, '74 2014 Cross Country, Track & Field
Rev. Dempsey Chisholm full bio Rev. Dempsey Chisholm 1928 1977 Rugby, Track & Field
Deanna Corbett-White full bio Deanna Corbett-White 1986 2016 Basketball, Field Hockey
Francis "Chebot" Cormier ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Francis "Chebot" Cormier 1958 2006 Hockey
Paul Davenport full bio Paul Davenport 1960 1992 Basketball
Cindy Dean full bio Cindy Dean 1977 2001 Basketball, Field Hockey
Tom Delany full bio Tom Delany 1964 1992 Football
Don Dempsey full bio Don Dempsey 1985 2010 Football
Clement "Chi-Chi" Farenzena full bio Clement "Chi-Chi" Farenzena 1968 2001 Hockey
Philip "Skit" Ferguson full bio Philip "Skit" Ferguson 1946 1979 Baseball, Hockey
Joe Flaherty full bio Joe Flaherty 1952 1992 Basketball, Track & Field
Kathy Fleiger full bio Kathy Fleiger 1973 2001 Basketball, Volleyball
Danny Flynn full bio Danny Flynn 1979 2010 Builder, Hockey
Kenneth "Kenny" Flynn full bio Kenneth "Kenny" Flynn 1955 1985 Football, Hockey
Rev. Bill Fogarty full bio Rev. Bill Fogarty 1929 1985 Basketball, Rugby
Helen Folker (Jensen) full bio Helen Folker (Jensen) 1976 1992 Basketball, Field Hockey
Ernest "Ernie" Foshay full bio Ernest "Ernie" Foshay 1961 1983 Basketball, Football
Joe Franciose full bio Joe Franciose 1964 1996 Football
Margaret "Peggy" Gallant full bio Margaret "Peggy" Gallant 1969 2006 Builder, Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball
Eric Gillis full bio Eric Gillis 2004, 2006 2016 Cross Country, Track & Field
Rev. Francis J. Ginivan full bio Rev. Francis J. Ginivan 1944 1984 Basketball, Rugby
Danielle Goulet full bio Danielle Goulet 2003 2012 Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball
Ernest "Red" Graham full bio Ernest "Red" Graham 1935 1979 Boxing, Rugby
Dr. Vince Grant full bio Dr. Vince Grant 1942 2006 Hockey, Rugby, Track & Field
Gil Green full bio Gil Green 1980 2006 Basketball
John 'Bunny' Griffin full bio John 'Bunny' Griffin 1962 2017 Football
John Hatch full bio John Hatch 1984 1996 Basketball
Ralph "Woody" Hayes full bio Ralph "Woody" Hayes 1963 1992 Football
Ed Hilton full bio Ed Hilton 1959 1989 Basketball, Football
Rev. Andy Hogan full bio Rev. Andy Hogan 1945 1979 Hockey, Rugby
Phil Hughes full bio Phil Hughes 1965 2001 Football
Patrick Jancsy full bio Patrick Jancsy 1985 2008 Football
Rev. George Kehoe full bio Rev. George Kehoe 1952 1983 Basketball, Hockey, Rugby
William "Bill" Kiely full bio William "Bill" Kiely 1967 2008 Builder
Frank Korbut full bio Frank Korbut 1955 1985 Basketball
Dr. John "Tink" Kyte full bio Dr. John "Tink" Kyte 1947 1976 Basketball, Boxing, Rugby, Track & Field
Peter Leseaux full bio Peter Leseaux 1958 1984 Football
Don Loney full bio Don Loney   1988 Builder
Marty Lyons full bio Marty Lyons 1971 2012 Basketball
Alex MacAdam full bio Alex MacAdam 1945 1981 Basketball, Boxing
Theresa MacCuish full bio Theresa MacCuish 1995 2006 Basketball
Douglas "Duke" MacDonald full bio Douglas "Duke" MacDonald 1951 1992 Hockey
John "Brother" MacDonald full bio John "Brother" MacDonald 1947 1980 Baseball, Hockey, Rugby
John Cameron "Dude" MacDonald full bio John Cameron "Dude" MacDonald 1962 1996 Basketball, Football
John J. MacDonald full bio John J. MacDonald 1905 1983 Rugby, Track & Field
Leanne MacDonald full bio Leanne MacDonald 2001 2017 Women's Hockey
Rev. John "Chook" MacDonald full bio Rev. John "Chook" MacDonald 1927 1982 Hockey, Rugby
Susan MacDonald (MacEachern) full bio Susan MacDonald (MacEachern) 1988 2014 Field Hockey
Gail MacDougall full bio Gail MacDougall   2017 Builder
Colin MacGillivray full bio Colin MacGillivray 1948 1984 Hockey, Rugby
Duncan "Dunc" MacIntyre full bio Duncan "Dunc" MacIntyre 1949 1978 Hockey, Rugby
Allan MacIsaac full bio Allan MacIsaac 1991 2016 Hockey
Neil Mackinnon full bio Neil Mackinnon 1979 2006 Volleyball
Jack "Lily" MacLellan full bio Jack "Lily" MacLellan 1953 1980 Hockey
Mike Macneil full bio Mike Macneil 1935 1983 Rugby
Rev. R. G. MacNeil full bio Rev. R. G. MacNeil 1944 1983 Basketball, Hockey, Rugby
Russell MacNeil full bio Russell MacNeil 1953 2001 Basketball, Rugby
Dr. Hugh MacPherson full bio Dr. Hugh MacPherson 1893 1978  
Peter MacKenzie full bio Peter MacKenzie 1977 2012 Hockey
Kenzie MacNeil full bio Kenzie MacNeil 1929 1978 Hockey, Rugby
Andrew McConnell full bio Andrew McConnell 1987 2012 Football
John "Packy" McFarland full bio John "Packy" McFarland 1956 1981 Basketball, Football, Rugby
Bill McIntyre full bio Bill McIntyre 1987 2014 Football
Rev. Leo McKenna full bio Rev. Leo McKenna 1920 1976 Baseball, Hockey, Rugby
Burns McPherson full bio Burns McPherson 1970 2010 Football
George McSweeney full bio George McSweeney 1906 1979 Hockey, Rugby
Robert 'Bob' Mincarelli full bio Robert 'Bob' Mincarelli 1974 2016 Football
Frasier Mooney full bio Frasier Mooney 1947 1982 Basketball, Rugby
Robert "Bob" Moran full bio Robert "Bob" Moran 1960 1984 Basketball
Ray Murphy full bio Ray Murphy 1960 2001 Hockey, Soccer, Track & Field
Michelle Murray full bio Michelle Murray 2003 2016 Cross Country, Soccer
Ray Mury full bio Ray Mury 1942 1977 Basketball, Rugby, Track & Field
John Myketyn full bio John Myketyn 1946 1978 Baseball, Hockey, Rugby
Rev. Edmund Nash full bio Rev. Edmund Nash 1931 1981 Basketball, Rugby, Track & Field
Mihkel "Mickey" Oja full bio Mihkel "Mickey" Oja 1971 2008 Hockey
Diane Orsini full bio Diane Orsini 1971 2010 Basketball
Rudy Pace full bio Rudy Pace 1951 1988 Basketball
Hank Propper full bio Hank Propper 1951 1980 Baseball, Basketball, Rugby
David Purcell full bio David Purcell 1988 2010 Hockey
Robert "Lugs" Rae full bio Robert "Lugs" Rae 1955 1984 Golf, Hockey
Trevor Reddick full bio Trevor Reddick 1994 2014 Soccer, Wrestling
William Ritchie full bio William Ritchie 1947 1982 Baseball, Basketball, Rugby
Geno Scattolon full bio Geno Scattolon 1951 1979 Football, Hockey, Rugby
Francis Shea full bio Francis Shea 1956 1981 Basketball, Football
Jim Shea full bio Jim Shea 1967 2017 Football
Rev. Frank Smith full bio Rev. Frank Smith 1940 1982 Basketball, Rugby
Edmund Swartzach full bio Edmund Swartzach 1956 1988 Hockey
Eugene Swartzach full bio Eugene Swartzach 1953 1988 Hockey, Rugby, Track & Field
Wayne Synishin full bio Wayne Synishin 1964 1996 Hockey
Les Topshee full bio Les Topshee 1938 1977 Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Track & Field
Gerald "Tarp" Walsh full bio Gerald "Tarp" Walsh 1943 1976 Boxing, Hockey, Rugby,
Lome Whalen full bio Lome Whalen 1948 1977 Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Track & Field
Patricia White (MacDougall) full bio Patricia White (MacDougall) 1997 2014 Soccer
Derek Wood full bio Derek Wood   2006 Builder, Rugby