Keating Cup

Keating Cup
Charles V. Keating Cup
The Keating Cup is an annual exhibition challenge/tournament hosted by the StFX X-Men in the holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s.

The Keating Cup began in 2006 and was named in honor of Charles V. Keating, a distinguished StFX alumnus, longtime friend of StFX University and strong supporter of StFX Athletics and the X-Men hockey program. Mr. Keating passed away in November, 2005 and left a lasting legacy at StFX University, including the building in his name where the X-Men currently play.
Keating Cup History

Year            Champion     Participants
2006-07     StFX                Brock, DAL, StFX, Waterloo
2007-08     StFX                DAL, Guelph, SMU, StFX
2008-09     StFX                ACA, StFX
2009-10     StFX                Carleton, StFX
2010-11     StFX                McGill, StFX
2011-12     Calgary          Calgary, StFX
2012-13     not played